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City Girl
Already this week I’ve endured a nine hour marathon ‘strategy update’ meeting, with only a twenty minute ‘working lunch’ break of white bread triangle sandwiches. The meeting was made even more tedious by my boss basking in the glory of the whole department’s achievements, as though she was solely responsible.
When it got to 5pm in the meeting, my boss excelled herself with understanding, by insisting that my team leader, who normally leaves at this time to collect her children from the childminder, stay until the bitter end of the meeting. Needless to say, there were tears in the impromptu loo break and frantic phone calls to her husband, to ensure the children got collected.  
My boss has also told me that I must schedule my maternity appointments with the midwife, outside of working hours. I can only assume that she thinks the midwife is willing to accommodate her requests. I did of course point out that it might be difficult to go at weekends only, to which she sniped, ‘well if you must go then make sure you go at lunch time’. 
As my boss lives within a cab ride of the office she clearly doesn’t understand the impossibilities of my getting to the doctor’s surgery and back within an hour.  She needn’t worry though as I’ve already booked several half day’s from my holiday allowance to accommodate the necessary appointments.
The other highlight of my week was my yearly review meeting, where my boss took great delight in telling me that my best achievement was my ‘getting pregnant’ as she is still referring to my current state as.
I also took the opportunity to provide her with some feedback, which originated from somebody in my team. They had told me that they were fed up that the Global Head, when he visits our office, walks right past our department without so much as a ‘hello, keep up the good work’. 
Bearing in mind that this man, who is based in the US, only visits our office a few times a year, if he’s very unlucky, then I don’t think it’s too much to ask for him to acknowledge the staff that ensure the targets are met, in turn securing his share of the bonus pie. I tactfully explained to my boss that ‘it would make a huge difference to team morale’ if Mr Important could spare a minute to come and say ‘hi’ when he was next in the office. 
My boss’s response was very ‘surprising’, as after taking a few minutes to think about it she came over very defensive. She said that I should tell whoever it was that ‘clearly had a personal morale issue’ that they should change their attitude and realise that ‘Mr Important’ was indeed very important and that his time was precious. 
She ended the conversation by also telling me that his driver could only wait outside the office for two hours, as though that made everything alright somehow.

Friday 16th March, 2007 posted by City Girl



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