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City GirlWell, the deed is done. I've handed in my notice and, because it's an internal move, I have to put up with my boss only for another week, which is handy, given her "I always knew you couldn't be trusted" response.

My boss, of course, was raging with jealousy, and since hearing I got the job that she specifically wanted, she's been treating me to her special stony silence

She's also taken to stealing my thunder by telling anyone who's bored enough to listen that she "cultivated" me, and that my success is all down to her.

When I suggested a handover to my deputy might be appropriate­ she waved a dismissive hand, quickly followed by a "nonsense, just a waste of time" rant. Instead, she's opted for the "dump my workload on the rest of the team" approach­, saying: "You'll be back. You won't hack it there."

Little does she know that already two members­ of my team have asked me to find transfers for them as well. So, if she doesn't watch out, she could end up on her miserable Jack Jones with nothing but her "witch boss" cloak to keep her warm at night. Well, never mind, while I'm drinking Manhattans in Manhattan, my boss will have that sucking-on-a-lemon look as she fiddles with her PowerPoint transition­ effects to try to grab a transfer the next time the big Yankee bankers are in town.

Let's hope Zurich is the only office on offer. She'll fit in nicely there with her autocratic style of management.

So, look out Tod's, Macy's and, well, the whole of Fifth Avenue­, because here I come with my now "doubled overnight­" salary. And I've heard on the bank's grapevine that my new boss favours a more laissez-faire approach to management­. What a welcome change that's going to be.

But I'll miss this column. It's been like a confidante for the past year, my very own confessional. In fact, it's what's kept me sane on many occasions, especially when the witch boss and her sidekick, the HR manager, have been playing up.

But seriously, it's been fun, and emotional, and who knows, surrounded by all those masters of the universe, I may need that confessional once again. Like Arnie says, "I'll be back". Well, maybe.

Monday 24th March, 2008 posted by City Girl
Guest_David says: Yep, I second that...I would really enjoy another blog about your experience in New York
Wednesday 19 March 2008 15:21

Guest_Polly says: All the best in NY city girl! I will miss your writings too, it would be great if you would set up a blog so we can read about your experiences in NY.
Saturday 15 March 2008 19:17

Guest_vanessa says: City Girl! You nearly brought a tear to me eye. Not! Get a few more louboutins in to that woman boss would you before you go. Congtratulations on your new job. But I hope you'll come back. Wall street isn't what it's cracked up to be you know - I've been there, done that. And there are probably five times as many ceramic-toothed female bosses to deal with
Saturday 15 March 2008 11:58

Guest_city girl says: aw city girl,i'm so sorry to hear you go. i looked forward to your column every friday. why don't give us a few updates from new york and get a few more digs in at your boss. i bet every female boss in the city reads you...
Saturday 15 March 2008 11:58



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