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City GirlWhat’s worse than a room full of bankers? A room full of Yankee bankers, of course. No sooner did we get rid of the Yanks over for the Super Bowl, a fresh lot arrives. Only this time they were wearing tan-tasselled loafers, red braces and requesting “cell-phone” numbers. Yes, the Big Guns from our New York office were over for the annual recruitment drive, where they try and persuade us team managers in the lowly UK, or EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), to go on secondments to all kinds of weird and pointless places. You see, they like us to move around to encourage diversity and a sharing of cultural experience, thereby ensuring the bank’s place on the “best places to work” lists. But who wants to sweat it out in Mumbai or experience xenophobic Swiss Germans in Zurich? Not me, that’s for sure.

Strangely, though, after a day in their “think tank” I found myself coming around – or maybe it was the overpowering smell of Tom Ford pour homme. No, I suspect it was the big-money offer in the Big Apple that was bobbed before me.

Loft-living in Manhattan, breezing around Greenwich Village­ a la Carrie Bradshaw certainly has an appeal, but is it enough to tempt me away from the Square Mile? I mean, better­ the devil you know, but isn’t the grass always greener?

So you see my dilemma. Then there’s this column, of course. I’ve had a few nerve-racking moments when colleagues­ have been talking about City Girl within earshot. “That sounds like someone in this office”, nearly put me in A&E a few times. Maybe a break with some Fifth Avenue shopping thrown in will help relieve the paranoia.

Oh, what shall it be? The comfort and security of home, or the chance of a lifetime on Wall Street?  And then there’s my boss, who has narrowly missed out on a New York post in the past. If I do decide to go, I won’t relish the thought of telling her, especially as the job is the one she wanted.

So, if you hear a piercing scream in the Square Mile later this week, you’ll know I’ve handed in my notice. As the old adage goes: success is the best form of revenge

Friday 29th February, 2008 posted by City Girl
Guest_KJ says: I've just found your website citygirl.co.uk....brilliant !
Sunday 09 March 2008 10:57

Guest_Jules says: Oh City Girl please, please, please don't go, I look forword to your wicked column every Friday. Always with an eye for the detail...I worked in Zurich and YES they hate foreigners, they even cited 'fear of foreigners' as being their number 2 fear in a national survey, after natural disaster...so whatever you do, don't go there. x
Thursday 06 March 2008 10:46

Guest_nurney says: Hi City Girl Can I have your job!!! Love your column. So Don't go. But if you do....
Tuesday 04 March 2008 11:49

Guest_Gina says: Hi City Girl, I'll really miss your diary if you go, so can you dish the dirt on new york instead???
Monday 03 March 2008 10:26



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