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City GirlWhat goes around really does come around. I found this out to my detriment recently when I sneaked a break to acquire a coffee.

I was waiting in the queue when two young traders I’d stitched up last week, after spotting them bunking off from work in the Aston Martin garage, entered. Making much noise about “only wanting a coffee”, they jumped the queue, almost shoving a young girly over.

A silent but deadly atmosphere enveloped­ the queue, with a muttering of “blooming cheek” from a maverick IT-type man. When the cheeky traders ignored the many dark looks, IT-type Man upped the ante.

“There’s a queue, if you hadn’t noticed,” he bellowed, to which one Cheeky Trader said cockily: “So that’s why you’re all standing there. Never would have guessed.”

A queue-rage incident erupted. IT-type Man strode up to this Cheeky Trader and asked whether he’d like to step outside and make something of it. Cheeky Trader, of course, responded with the one-finger ­salute and a wide grin, preferring instead to swagger along to the waiting area and turn his back on the queue.

Things calmed down and I took my place in the waiting area, hoping the Cheeky Traders wouldn’t recognise me from the garage last week. This was easy because they were now ­busy chatting up the young girly they had barged into earlier.

I overheard their offers to make it up to her  with a champagne table at Pangaea for her and all her girly friends. Seduced by their charms, Girly started manically hair-flicking.

Feeling slightly queasy, I turned to leave just as IT-type Man lunged over to perform an impressive fly-by iced-coffee hurl towards the trio under the guise of accidentally­ bumping into them.

Regrettably, he only splashed them and I took the coffee hit on my new mandarin-collar white Jaeger blouse. In the ensuing commotion, the Cheeky Traders still didn’t recognise me and merely leered as I stood there looking like a wet T-shirt contestant. I made a hasty exit when one came at me with a napkin and another leer.

Friday 17th August, 2007 posted by City Girl
Guest_Rick says: city girl, if you require a handwash from a proper gentleman then I'm your man.
Monday 20 August 2007 10:22



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