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City GirlI know things are a little twitchy at the moment for 6,500 of the 350,000 people who work in the City – what with some of the hedge funds going bust, and a couple of the big players whooping with delight at the chance to off-load some of the chaff on the back of the sub-prime drama.

But then with some companies’ ­reputations for favouring the lower end of the salary spectrum, I can’t help pondering that the winners of the “black sack, clear desk” lottery might be pleased at the ­prospect to up their salaries by going elsewhere. 

Of course, the real players in the City won’t be going anywhere except to the Rolls-Royce garage. It seems there’s a ­sudden rush on Rollers with production up by 22 per cent and, hey, what’s a 16 per cent cut in your bonus when you still haven’t ­managed to spend all of last year’s?  

But it comes to something when the bitch-slapping starts before even getting into the office. I was crammed on the Drain (Waterloo and City Line), reminiscing about the good old days of company ­drivers, when the doors re-opened at ­Waterloo, allowing us a moment of relief.

A corporate-uniformed woman ­managed to slip in, so thin I couldn’t help thinking that a sudden gust of wind would have serious consequences for her.  As her sharp little elbows jostled through the crowd in an attempt to make it to the empty void in the middle of the train, she yelled: “Can you all move down and stop being so selfish?”

As Skinny Woman’s demand was ignored – of course – a bohemian-looking woman smelling of incense and radiating love, piped up somewhat naively with: “They’re not being selfish, they’re just trying to get to work.” 

Skinny Woman ­responded with: “So am I – to an extremely important meeting,” and pushed herself into the back of a ­rotund woman who ­retaliated with an ­indignant “Excuse me” followed by a shove right back. Skinny Woman goaded with: “Why? ­Because you’re no stranger to a fish supper?”

As the crowd tried to disperse to avoid the DIY acrylic-nail crossfire that followed, Rotund Woman quickly stole the advantage by flexing her copy of City AM in Skinny Woman’s face and calling her a stuck-up bitch. Not to be outdone, Skinny Woman grabbed the paper and screwed it up amid sniggers from passengers.

When the train reached Bank, Skinny Woman made a break for it, giving Rotund Woman the finger as she shoved past her. In front of me I heard a little girl ask her mum if they’d be getting to the zoo soon.

As I walked off I couldn’t help thinking that she’d already had a sneak preview of the human zoo that is the City.

Friday 12th October, 2007 posted by City Girl
Guest_jenny says: I disagree Julia, the City Girl columns portray BOTH men and women behaving dysfunctionally,(see last weeks) it's funny and if you worked where I do then you'd know that sadly characters like this do exist, laughing at them keeps the rest of us sane :)
Thursday 18 October 2007 18:24

Guest_Julia says: I don't think Tara's comment on Monday was spiteful. It sounds like she's just bored of reading City Girl's columns which are just filled with stereotypes of women who work in the City. Creating cartoon characters of women working in business just hands a victory to all those people who claim females cannot cope with a high pressured job.
Thursday 18 October 2007 11:47

Guest_Jake says: I agree with you Mandy, I work for one of the 'big players' and City Girl is right when she says that there are certain people that will be offloaded under the guise of the sub-prime drama, unfortunately it's a harsh reality of the way the City works. Seems to have touched a raw nerve though with the girl who wrote the spiteful letter yesterday..maybe she's one of the chaff!!
Tuesday 16 October 2007 10:32

Guest_Mandy says: lol...About time somebody said what a lot of us are thinking. I've been asked to provide names of those 'underperformers' who won't be missed when the axe is wielded.
Monday 15 October 2007 21:40



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