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City GirlWhat's worse than a poke in the eye? A poke from your boss. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I just wish it had been later, like after the end of January when my bonus money should be safely clutched in my offshore account.

But no, she had to go and ruin everything. My boss, that is. She's only gone and asked me to be her "friend" on Facebook.

Now, this poses all kinds of dilemmas. Do I accept the invite and make her privy to potentially damaging inside information on the state of – or lack of – my social life?

I have only three friends on the damn thing, because the rest are busy living their real lives.

Or do I pretend that I haven't seen it and run the risk of denting her already fragile ego?  Choose this, and I risk fast-tracking myself to the gloomy world of budget shoes for next season, and having to rely on my Boots loyalty card points just to keep me in cheap shampoo. Yes, this poses all kinds of conundrums because I set up the Facebook page only under duress at a mad gal pal evening of Bollinger-induced lunacy that was quickly replaced by another feeling – one of losing the will to live. Such is the tedium of endless Facebook invites for games, gadgets and widgets.

So after several days of deliberation and taking advice from my real friends, I decided to bring the conundrum to an end. I'd already had a nose at all of my boss's "friends" – mostly men, I might add. Her picture, I noticed, had undergone some serious cropping. 

In the end, I deactivated my page and told her that I'm far too busy with work to keep up the time-stealing maintenance required.

Anyway, I'm off to delete that dodgy video of me on YouTube now, where I'm dancing the fandango on the table top at a friend's hen party. 

It seemed hysterical at the time, but I'm not sure my boss will agree. Besides, I'm not taking any chances as far as her decision-making skills and my bonus amount is concerned. 

I think I'll just stick to LinkedIn now, where the mood is far more professional. I'd better delete those "enhancements" to my CV, though, just in case the boss spots them. I don't think she'll take kindly to me implying that I have to cover her job as well as my own half the time, even if it is true.

Friday 23rd November, 2007 posted by City Girl
Guest_Sue says: Or whatabout a clingy ex.....that has to be the worse. Anyway, loved the column and can't wait for next weeks!
Wednesday 28 November 2007 16:37



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