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City GirlEven in these times of sub-prime uncertainty­, a silver lining has emerged. And after last week's Thanksgiving-thinned, volatile trading, the lining­ is shining more brightly than ever.

Yes, the New York business trip has a new twist, as everyone clamours to find an excuse to hotfoot it across the Pond with the intention of snapping up cut-price luxury items. As the dollar plummets to an all-time low against the pound, it means that Christmas really has come early in my office.

Unfortunately, the frugal finance manager, deciding we’d done our bit to boost the US economy, put the stoppers on any further business trips to the land of the cheap. ­Fortunately for me, a prestigious client insisted that I ­attend his Thanksgiving soiree in New York last week and as my boss is keen to squeeze more into his ­portfolio, I could hardly refuse, could I?.

Armed with a fistful of dollars and a list of demands from my colleagues, complete with pictorial examples gleaned from various fashion mags, I extended the trip to include a trolley dash down Fifth Avenue. The bargains were amazing – in addition to the usual Levi's and trainers, I bagged several Marc Jacobs handbags for half the London retail price.

Of course, I hadn’t figured on Customs, where I was snared by some grubby-handed bloke. I tried it on with the official by explaining the tax I'll be paying on my bonus come ­January could probably pay off his mortgage. He just eyed up the box of rubber gloves and snorted in disgust. Luckily, he didn't spot the two Tiffany diamond snowflake necklaces around my neck, a bargain at only $3,500 each against £2,275 – a combined saving of more than £1,000.

Back in the office, mass hysteria took over when six girls ­realised just three moody Bottega Veneta Cabat bags had been obtained. Usually £45,000 for the genuine article, but a snip at $500 in the secret Chinese shops located in Canal Street, they all wanted one. So the ladies entered into a bidding war and I ended up recouping my gift to the taxman and making enough to treat myself to another weekend in New York.

Friday 30th November, 2007 posted by City Girl
Guest_Janice says: I'm off to New york...guess where I'll be heading. Thanks for the pointer, hope I can bag some bargains as well. Jan x - ps I love your front, wish I worked with you!
Tuesday 11 December 2007 11:44



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