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City Girl
This week my boss continued with what has now developed into an obsession with my maternity progress, ‘are you sure you’re only four months gone, you look bigger than that’, she jibed, in the meeting. Of course everyone laughed just thankful that it wasn’t them in her firing line. 
I’ve also noticed too that as her side-lining plan develops I’m being relegated to ‘optional’ on her meeting request emails, subtle, I’ll give her that. 
After the meeting she cornered me with the ‘can I have a word?’ routine, telling me that she’d been having a think about my ‘situation’ and understood that I would probably want to relinquish some of my responsibilities as ‘things’ got more difficult for me. 
Wondering where this was going, I assured her that I felt fine and had no intention of relinquishing any of my responsibilities, ‘nonsense, when your Team Leader returns next week from maternity leave, we’ll let her take on some of your work, you can wind down in preparation for ‘Motherhood’, she spat in disgust.
So that was it then, ‘two for the price of one’ I thought, her Graduate work experience stint at ‘supermarket management’ coming in handy at this later stage in her career. ‘So who will do her work’, I ventured, ‘she will of course’, she said and held my stare. ‘So that’s the plan you mentioned a few weeks ago about giving her too much work so she can’t cope and leaves’ I goaded. 
‘What on earth are you talking about, I’m trying to help you out’ she continued, her memory conveniently having dispensed of any recollection of her previous instruction.
I sat there wondering when this little plan was hatched; no mention of it was made by the Team Leader at the Christmas party last week. Or was it? I did recall her asking how I was getting on, and not to worry as she’d be back to give me a hand soon. 
After the meeting I called the Team Leader to hear her explain how I was not to worry, and that she was more than happy to share some of my workload. My boss incidentally had called her especially to enquire as to whether she would mind taking on some of my work on her return, as she was so worried about my being able to cope. 
So my boss had been very busy indeed for a change, I was impressed that she’d also managed to make an outbound call all by herself, no mean feat for her, seeing as she often struggled with this task. Preferring me to ‘be a dear and get them on the phone’ for her, because she was just so busy with everything else and besides they would know how important she was then. 
Later the same day I caught sight of my boss in a huddle with her friend the HR Manager. No doubt they were marvelling at their efficiency skills of being able to kill two birds with one stone.

Friday 23rd February, 2007 posted by City Girl



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