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Friday 28th September, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlLast week the HR manager walked into a bear pit of heckling at the diversity forum, so this week she decided on another approach. A diversity questionnaire, intended to promote tolerance in the workplace and protect employees against discrimination.

It carried instructions to use a black pen if writing the answers and a cross if completing the form ­electronically. The first wheeze was: "So, what do I do with the black pen?" This coming from a smart-arse back-office boy. The HR manager, already looking rather regretful at ­having initiated the task, responded: "Mark a cross, even you can work that one out."

After several minutes of time-of-the-month ­mumblings in retaliation, they ploughed on with the questions, pausing momentarily on "sex", with a yell of "no thanks love, don't do sloppy seconds", on account of her ­rumoured velvet-

Friday 21st September, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlAs the number of clever, ­competitive foreigners soars in the City, so does the cliche-filled banter about perceived personal habits. And it’s not just the ­British who are guilty of this.

No, the foreigners give just as good as they get. They boast about huge tax breaks and whine about British girls smelling of hamburgers, while the Brit boys snigger about the vodka-bingeing, child bride-­marrying antics of a Russian back-office colleague.

However, the HR manager finally ­decided that she’d had enough. So ­concerned was she that the raucous ­behaviour would lead to possible legal ­action, she decided on a radical approach.

A diversity forum, no less, where everybody received an invitation encouraging them to chat about their cultural foibles in a non-threatening environment. There was even a reference to cultural c

Friday 14th September, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlOccasionally my boss comes up with a good idea, such as the recent managers’ conference in Krakow with our European counterparts. It was a shame she made a complete fool of herself, but the ­benefit of hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Her downward spiral started in the airline’s­ business lounge, when the conversation­ got onto seat numbers and I casually revealed I had seat 1A. My boss, adopting a facial expression that Anne Robinson could only dream of, spat: “That’s ridiculous. I’m a gold-tier customer loyalty cardholder.” And off she stalked to complain­. The check-in guy held his nerve, so my boss used her crazy-cow stare at me.

Matters got worse on the flight when I deliberately selected the last available salmon lunch; she was left with the “ghastly” chicken stew.

Arriving at the hotel, the suitcases

Friday 7th September, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlMy boss, who has a worrying addiction to dating websites, has been in an almighty strop recently, pacing the floor and ­hissing at anybody bold enough to venture near the perimeter of her personal space zone.

The reason for her exceptionally snarling state is that the IT director has finally pulled the plug on desktop surfing. So while my boss comes to terms with the fact that she’ll have to do some real work, having enjoyed the “perception is nine-tenths of the game” bluff for years, the reception area has been transformed into a cheap-looking internet cafe.

Generously decked out for leisure-surfing purposes with a couple of old PCs and ramshackle desks and swivel chairs, the IT director commented in his email brief that it’s all the rage, and we can now surf the web at our leisure, during the coffee and lunch breaks we never

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