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Friday 27th July, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlEvery year is the same. Come July, a frenzy ensues to secure funding for whatever training course can be thinly veiled as being aligned to meeting the requirements of the business. Everybody in the office suddenly has a desire to jump on the training course bandwagon and whip out their begging bowl for course fees to be paid for by the company.

I’ve been inundated with offers. First in the queue was an eager office junior with dreams to be a master in business administration.

I admit I felt her request was a little premature at this stage of her career. However, I chose to support her.

In the good old days, I would have authorised this myself straight away. But nowadays, the process is a bureaucratic quagmire of hoops to jump through.

The first port of call was the HR manager. It was a breeze considering the littl

Friday 20th July, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlA few weeks ago, some bright spark in our IT team decided that it would be a wonderful idea to monitor the internet usage of the entire workforce.

Now, I’m not adverse to a little online shopping therapy myself, during my ten minute lunch break, at my desk of course. And I don’t mind if my staff adopt a similar sensible usage policy of their own, although I can spot a Facebook fix at ten paces just by hovering near the culprit’s desk. The hurried scrabble as they try to look really busy, while finding a suitable looking spreadsheet with which to hide their ruse, is a dead giveaway.

So seeing as I have my own controls already in place, I was none too pleased when my boss pounced on this ground-breaking idea. She decided in one

Friday 13th July, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlIt still amazes me, all those people that don’t work in the City who presume that everyone who does is a millionaire. There are loads of millionaires in the City, but there are even more that wished they were. And therein lies the problem – the “millionaire wannabes” who, in my experience, tend to be young, twentysomething Essex boys (the posh part, of course).

Just the other day I ventured out to meet a client for lunch, taking with me a junior member of my team. The minute we stepped over the threshold of the ÂŁ100-per-head restaurant, Junior Boy seized the moment to reincarnate himself into an embarrassing parody of what he thinks constitutes impressive trader behaviour.

Junior Boy swaggered up to the cocktail bar with such force that his ridiculous bird’s nest hairdo flapped so much I could smell the hair gel in the backdra

Friday 6th July, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlNow, I love a good City wedding and the one I went to last weekend definitely didn’t disappoint.

The experience all started 18 months ago when a colleague hit the husband jackpot.

Her top-percentile-earning actuary boyfriend, having no doubt favourably assessed the risk, hired an island, yes a whole one, and whisked her away for the proposal. Returning with a diamond the size of a sugar lump and a smile like a cat that’d got the whole damn dairy, she then set about appointing a wedding planner, who thoughtfully arranged for the invitations to be sent.

Mine arrived at my desk in its own protective box, a portable DVD player, with a pre-recorded film of the happy couple excitedly welcoming me to their ­celebrity-themed wedding. 

Of course, there were a few tears along the way, namely the entire office when w

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