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Friday 18th May, 2007 posted by City Girl
City GirlThis week saw the quarterly social event, or the “spend time with people you don’t like, pretending to have fun” event. Since the email from the social committee was circulated, there’s been no end of complaints. First, a finance guy said unless he was paid for the after-hours part of the event, he wouldn’t attend. You can guess my boss’s response. Next complainer was a trader, spouting off about “time being money”, both of which he has in bucket loads. Anyway, he always manages to squeeze in a trip to his yacht when the fancy takes him.

Soon the options had been whittled down. There was good old rounders in the park with a few pizzas thrown in. There was deer hunting – yes, that’s right, this suggestion from one of our Austrian colleagues, who obviously hasn’t realised we might be hard pushed to find deer roaming the Square M

Friday 11th May, 2007 posted by City Girl
City Girl
The last couple of months at work have been a joy. You see my boss has been away in the Zurich office, on the ‘manager exchange scheme’. She shadows a Swiss boss and in turn they get to shadow her back here in London, the latter part of the deal being the only flaw in this ingenious idea. So whilst she was no doubt spitting her venom over there, we all get on with the task in hand with a semblance of peace and normality, rare commodities in my office when she’s around.
Just as everyone was embracing the new and much improved working environment, my boss in her usual, ‘catch them out if you can’ mode turned up ahead of schedule on Monday afternoon and managed to shatter the atmosphere within a few seconds of breathing the same air as us. Seems her PA had forgotten to check the crystal ball that is the boss’s preferred me

Friday 4th May, 2007 posted by City Girl
City Girl
Thieving and greed in my office is rife, and it’s not a new phenomenon, in fact it’s getting worse. This week the microwave went for a stroll, there one minute, gone the next, never to return. In true corporate finger-pointing mode the first question on the floor was who can we blame?
Of course everybody protested their own innocence, deciding instead that it must be the cleaners. Well, who else in the office would ‘need’ to steal a £50 kitchen item, was the initial thinking.  We all know about the mega-buck earning traders in the office, so initially they weren’t on the list of suspects.
However, that theory was short lived thanks to the office manager reminding us about the ‘leather-bound diary scrum incident’ just before Christmas. Oh yes, the traders were the first ones caught wrestling t

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