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Friday 30th March, 2007 posted by City Girl
City Girl
It’s that time of year, the 360 degree feedback fiasco, intended to allow staff to provide constructive feedback for each other. Yet somehow, the ‘constructive’ part has been replaced with ‘vindictive’ in our company. It doesn’t help that our MD insists that it be anonymous, he believes that it allows people to be more honest with their feedback. More like, it’s a great way to stick the knife in or get your own back on the office idiots. 
So that nobody would forget, the HR Manager had a rare innovative moment and instructed the IT team to work through the night in order to change the screensavers on every PC in the building. The following morning, on entering the open plan office, we were greeted with the 360 degree logo, fluorescent yellow on a puke green background, performing summersaults all over the place on ea

Friday 16th March, 2007 posted by City Girl
City Girl
Already this week I’ve endured a nine hour marathon ‘strategy update’ meeting, with only a twenty minute ‘working lunch’ break of white bread triangle sandwiches. The meeting was made even more tedious by my boss basking in the glory of the whole department’s achievements, as though she was solely responsible.
When it got to 5pm in the meeting, my boss excelled herself with understanding, by insisting that my team leader, who normally leaves at this time to collect her children from the childminder, stay until the bitter end of the meeting. Needless to say, there were tears in the impromptu loo break and frantic phone calls to her husband, to ensure the children got collected.  
My boss has also told me that I must schedule my maternity appointments with the midwife, outside of working hours. I c

Friday 2nd March, 2007 posted by City Girl
City Girl
I was beginning to adapt to my boss’s side-lining plan, this being my punishment for ‘getting pregnant’, as she refers to my state of pending motherhood, when she yelled, ‘don’t forget you’re helping me with the interviews tomorrow, 7am start’. 
This being her first mention of the request, I was none too pleased, but not surprised, at the implication that I might have ‘already forgotten’. So much for me being allowed to ‘take it easy’ then, as she’d previously promised.
Dodging the waves of morning sickness, I managed to trudge into work the next day, arriving just in time to start the interview. But by 8.30am, my boss still hadn’t arrived, seems she’d still managed to forget, in spite of having known about the early start for several weeks. 
Just before I

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