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City Girl is a portfolio manager at an asset management house somewhere in London, but would like to point out that if she were starting over now then with her lack of qualifications she probably wouldn't even get an interview to work in the post room.

Nowadays a degree is a must, or at least a 'me wall' comprising of various degree certificates from American Universities that nobody has heard of.

If you can fashion a few pictures of yourself next to prominent world figures, then that always works a treat as well. Barack is the kudos king on many office walls at the moment. But be sure to look in the same camera direction as your chosen sleb, such a giveaway otherwise.

When City Girl isn't lusting after her boss, or indulging her online window shopping addiction with her GBF, then she can be found either ranting about the latest Apprentice contestants, drooling over handbags that she can't really afford because she's up to her eyes in debt, or clubbing with her best friend as she searches for her 'one'.

  City Girl